Jake's Hope

2014 - 2015

Logan Lundgren, #54 Racing for Awareness

I do not have the correct words to share how amazing this young man is and how he has impressed so many. This young man is best friend's with Jake's cousin, JP and approached JP's Dad, (Uncle Dan) and told him he had an idea, he wanted our logo on this sled and wanted his help making it happen, Racing for Awareness came from this young mind to help a family dear to him that had a tragic loss too close to home, to make a difference for prevention and bring awareness to something that definitely needs more attention: Suicide & Mental health are difficult for adults to discuss due to fear but this young mind already knew that and wasn't scared to openly discuss it, to advertise it. WOW! Unless you've had a loss to suicide you may not understand the amazing gift Logan brings to us. Thank you Donald & Dawn Lundgren for sharing your son with us and obviously guiding him into what will be real successful man, Dan & Kelly Steuernagel & JP for assisting in making Logan's idea reality along with Brian Bernier at Gator Signs in Forest Lake. Every time I see pictures it warms my heart and I know Jake is smiling down from heaven. Safe riding #54 you have a guardian Angel - don't ride faster than he can fly! (Which is pretty darn fast!)