Ryan Matthew Bennett

Mar. 14, 1980 - May 10, 2011

Ry, One day you will know how much your life meant to others.  How much you were loved by so many. And now are missed by so many.  I understand that in your depression, you didn't see any other way out of your pain.  And I know that you understood our ignorance in missing, dismissing, and even avoiding the signs you were giving out just before you did the unthinkable.  Yet, I KNOW that God was with you and held you with all your brokenness in his loving arms.  I am so thankful to have had you in my life for 31 years.  I have the memories of how much love we freely shared, and the sweet memory of you saying if you could choose any Mom in the world, you would choose me!  You left behind a legacy of love and laughter.  And now I will honor your memory by living life to the fullest for both of us!  I have learned so much since your death.  It's bittersweet because I know I could have gotten you the help you needed with the knowledge I now have.  That's why I'm so passionate to educate others so that our tragedy doesn't become their tragedy.  Rest in peace sweet son, until that glorious day when we are reunited! Until then, I will work to bring mental health and suicide awareness to the forefront.  Love you, MOM



Jason Miller

May 21, 1980 - Aug. 15, 2013

Jason was loved deeply by a lot of people. Especially his Mother, Father, Wife, and two boys.  There is so many people that the list is endless.  He was outgoing, adventurous, and lived life to the fullest.  His laugh was infectious, and his smile was contagious.  He loved jokes and making you the butt of them, spending time with his family & boys meant the world to him. We will always be loving him and forgetting him never.

Zachary Wayne Cary

Nov. 22, 1993 - Dec. 5, 2012

Bloom where you are planted, and let your spirit fly.

Acknowledge where you are from, remember who you are.

Love the skin your in, don't hate what you've become.

Live how you want to, not how others want you to.

Love who you want to, your only judge is yourself.

Do what you please, life is too precious to waste.

Dream with no boundaries, there are none in outer space.

Experiment outside of your box, don't be afraid to live a little. Bloom where you are planted, and behold of what you've become. (Written by Zack from his heart)


Jacob "Jake" Daniel Steuernagel

Sept. 19, 1994 - Jun. 17, 2013

Missing you Always

You never said I'm leaving

You never said goodbye

You were gone before we knew it

And only God knows why.

A million times we needed you

A million times we cried.

If love alone could have saved you

You never would have died.

In life we loved you dearly

In death we love you still.

In our hearts we hold a place

That only you can fill.

Ted Hoffstrom


​Todd Hoffstrom


Father & Son

Krystal Rose Alderink

Apr. 20, 1997 - May 7. 2012

Fly fly precious one

Your endless journey has begun

Take your gentle happiness

Far too beautiful for this

Cross over to the other shore

There is peace forevermore

But hold this memory bittersweet until we meet.

Forever in my heart and always missed.

Love, Mom

Jake's Hope

Austin Dionne

Dec. 11, 1990 - Oct. 10, 2013


Remember, never lose hope in anything you set yourself to because you have a son who loves you.

One who will always love you, no matter how dim the night sky is, nor how blinding the sunlight is.

There in the sunlight, you will find me, hand stretched out to you.

You will always have his hand to hold when you need it.

Love you always,


(Sent from Austin to his Mom via email 7/27/2007 7:38pm)